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Our dedicated and friendly team of legal experts will advise you based on your personal circumstances and on your wishes. Writing a Will isn’t as expensive as you might think and without a Will in place, you and your relatives who have been left behind have little to no control over what happens to your estate once you’ve gone. Ensure you’ve got things organised for your loved ones, call The Will Centre to book your appointment.

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    “Many thanks for your kind attention in respect of advice given to Sally and me for preparation of our Wills today.  Your professionalism and very pleasant attention to detail was most appreciated.”

    John & Sally

    Dear Mandy,

    Just a quick mail to thank you for the smooth, efficient witnessing of our Wills yesterday in a most professional and courteous environment.

    It was very nice to meet you after all this time!!!

    Mr T & Mrs C

    “You were very helpful in getting the wording of the Will clear. It’s not been an easy task to change my Will but it was made easier by your advice. All the staff are very helpful as well.”

    Mrs C